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Mark Wahlberg Meets a Transformer, It’s No Big Whoop

Mark Wahlberg Meets a Transformer, It’s No Big Whoop

Ever notice how unflappable Transformers: Age of Extinction star Mark Wahlberg seems to be? I mean, shadowy government agents show up to his house, threaten his daughter, then a transforming robot, filled with heavy-caliber shell casings comes exploding out of his barn.

The film, which will serve as kind of a soft reset of the series thanks to a new cast and new set of enemies (while still serving as a direct sequel to Transformers: Dark of the Moon), stars Wahlberg as single father and failed inventor-turned-mechanic Cade Yeager. Cade finds a blasted-out semi-truck with some familiar coloring, four years after the destruction of Chicago in the last film, when all of the Transformers either disappeared or were deactivated. Age of Extinction will theoretically set up a new trilogy in Michael Bay’s Transformers-verse.

Anyway, this short from Fox’s Animation Domination HD imagines the first meeting between Autobots leader Optimus Prime and Wahlberg’s character Cade.

I’ll do my best not to spoil any of the gags within, but the exchange about lunch has made me laugh out loud at my desk twice now. Wait… Three times. It’s good stuff. But now I kind of want to know what Transformers eat. I mean, I know they don’t eat energon (if I recall, they cram cubes of it into their chests), but they’re partially organic lifeforms, right? I feel like I need to look this up…

Fox’s Animation Domination HD airs Saturday nights at 11. Transformers: Age of Extinction will be in theaters on June 27th.