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“Man of Steel” Viral Video from the MTV Movie Awards


ZodDuring last night’s MTV Movie Awards show, a viral marketing video for this summer’s Man of Steel was shown. Do not adjust your YouTube screen, it’s purposely garbled and difficult to see. In the video, General Zod (Michael Shannon) sends an ultimatum to Kal-El that he should come quietly or suffer the consequences. It has to be said, in this form, Zod comes off a bit Bane-y. Very cool, still. Man of Steel hits cinemas June 14th.

And just for fun, here’s the latest theatrical trailer for the film. SUPERMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!!



  1. Lorne Marr says:

    The main villain is one thing that I am bit afraid of. Especially when it comes to movies based upon comics. Too many scriptwriters don’t know how to work with villains and make them just stupid psychopaths who want to conquer or destroy the world. *Yawn* I hope this one won’t be the case, since Snyder has a potential to do it better and darker than we are used to.