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MALEFICENT Concept Art Showcases a Beautiful, Haunting World

MALEFICENT Concept Art Showcases a Beautiful, Haunting World

Regardless of how well Disney’s Maleficent performs or what kind of story it turns out to be, I think we can all agree the world in which it’s set seems gorgeous. Fairy tale stories open the door for artists create lush and eerie backgrounds, and newly revealed concept art for Maleficent highlights them and features both the sorceress and Aurora.

Stitch Kingdom came across the images on a fashion blog Disney launched for the film titled Evil is the New Black. If evil is always this breath-taking, I will go prick my finger on a spindle right now. Um, does anyone have any suggestions about where I can find a spindle?

Are you planning to see Maleficent? Let us know in the comments.

HT: io9


  1. Surprisingly, I am looking forward to this movie. I really love the animated film. For an artist it’s some of the best eye candy to ever hit the screen. Initially I wasn’t on board with Jolie’s casting, but the trailers have really impressed me. The prosthetics are subtle and believable. The costuming is perfect. And I like the flashback of her with crazy enormous wings.
    I don’t really love the rewriting of Malificent’s character into someone more “misunderstood” than evil, but the film looks so good that I’m willing to roll with to see their take on her.