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Making the Intro For “Neil’s Puppet Dreams”


Here’s a video that chronicles the making of the animated intro to Neil Patrick Harris’ Nerdist Channel series Neil’s Puppet Dreams. The intro was created by Digital Twigs, which says this about the project:

“For the opening of Neil’s Puppet Dreams we wanted to capture the quintessential moment of the show; Neil entering the puppet world that exists in his dreaming mind. The strangeness of the puppet-verse intrigued us and we imagined a transition essentially between the waking world and the dreaming world. Visually we wanted to show Neil’s insides as the inner workings of a puppet. We knew right away we wanted to do it all practical, and include the Henson Alternative puppet parts. So we proceeded by building the inside of Neil’s head/brain out of meat and felt. It got a little smelly but it was worth it.”

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Music by Delicate Steve (courtesy of Luaka Bop); Buy the song

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