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Making It #74: Mike Farah
Episode 74: Making It
Mike Farah
Making ItMaking It

Making It #74: Mike Farah

Riki talks to the president of production at Funny or Die, Mike Farah (Billy on the Street, Between Two Ferns, Funny or Die Presents), about chance encounters, hard work, and recognizing good opportunities.


  1. Sreesuhaas says:

    Thank God, you’re back! This is a very fascinating interview and Mike Farah is such a delight. +1 to my crushlist. Thank you and you rock Rikki!

  2. jal says:

    I’m not in the entertainment business and don’t ever plan on being, but this was interesting. Always kinda wondered what a producer did. Thanks for the podcast! Also, great choice of ‘interruption’ music :)

  3. DJ says:

    Yay! Making It is back! :)

  4. Jessica L says:

    Thank god (if he exists) Rikki’s back. I had given up hope that she would return.