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Making It #70: Paul Scheer
Episode 70: Making It
Paul Scheer
Making ItMaking It

Making It #70: Paul Scheer

Riki talks to actor Paul Scheer (The League, Hell Baby, NTSF: SD: SUV) about improv, partnerships and creating his own TV shows.


  1. @Clay_57 says:

    It’s so bizarre to hear the perspective of another Buffalonian. One of my college professors told me our best option was to get as much of an education as possible and run screaming out of the city. Winters are terrible, summers are too short, shitty economy….but great food.

  2. Nichole says:

    I don’t really feel a connection to my undergrad experience either – My boyfriend and I were pretty much each others’ only friends throughout – and when we weren’t in class, doing school work, or working, we were inside playing video games together. Totally didn’t do the whole college partying thing or go to sports games.

  3. Fartbooty says:

    Great interview Paul’s mic was kinda loud though

  4. Cool no SPAMBOT. Yet anyway.