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Making It #69: Natasha Leggero
Episode 69: Making It
Natasha Leggero
Making ItMaking It

Making It #69: Natasha Leggero

Riki talks to actress/comedian Natasha Leggero (Burning Love, The Roast of James Franco, Suburgatory) about standup, bad boyfriends, and Holly Hunter.


  1. Scott B. says:

    For young girls who want to learn something about how o break into acting, I’d recommend waching “That Girl”, a 60s sitcom about a young woman from upstate New York moving to Manhattan to start her acting career. You see everything she had to do: get an agent, temp jobs, commercials, etc. – – – Ask your moms (or grandmoms) about it. (I’m SO OLD!)

  2. greyweed says:

    WOW. Riki’s back! Awesome guest too! :3

  3. Ken says:

    This is one of the best episodes of Making it ever! Natasha’s story is amazing! WOW!

  4. Mary says:

    Aw man, total genius, I missed three other podcasts. I am behind the times. Welcome back all the same. and now I catch up.

  5. Mary says:

    At long last! Welcome back, Riki! And huzzah Natasha! Exclamation points all around!