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Episode 6: Making It
Anthony Jeselnik
Making ItMaking It

Making It #6: Anthony Jeselnik

Riki talks with comedian Anthony Jeselnik (Conan, The Roast of Donald Trump) about how he started in stand up, his journey toward finding his comedic voice and what it really takes to be a professional comedian.

Follow @AnthonyJeselnik on Twitter and check out his website for tour dates and more!


  1. Jeff Kulp says:

    I was bummed when this ended…i wanted to keep hearing him talk

  2. tony dodds says:

    great podcast, riki! Jeselnik is a great get.

  3. rhzunam says:

    This one is going to be good. He’s was outstanding in the Donald Trump roast.

  4. Sterling says:

    At: 33:30… I was at the 2nd night of his show… it was hilarious, and he murdered the opening crowd and talked so much shit about them. It was hilarious!

  5. Anthony Jeselnik is an incredible comedian and very talented. I hope to see more from him.

  6. zach boblitt says:

    I always thought Jeselnik was a brilliant comic. I love how he describes the process of writing. Also its so impressive he can fill 45 minutes with “paragraph” jokes. Awesome interview Riki!!!