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Episode 39: Making It
Rich Sommer
Making ItMaking It

Making It #39: Rich Sommer

Riki talks with actor Rich Sommer (Mad Men, The Devil Wears Prada) about having the right mindset, unreal life moments and collecting your “no’s”.

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  1. Patty Marvel says:

    Loved hearing him talk about Case Western Reserve University. As both an employee and an alum, I’m proud of Case and how they help SO many students attend college on the cheap or for free, which ain’t easy ‘cuz it costs a LOT to go here. Oh, and it ain’t a party school, so be prepared to work your dupa off.

  2. Vincent S says:

    Always liked it when he shows up on AOTS from time to time to ahow off board games and he was fun on nerdist ages ago. :) thanks

  3. Somehow Rich came off as an unsuccessful actor, despite having a role on the best television show ever. Great, very interesting interview.

  4. bastien says:

    Dear Rich,

    Harry’s been such a knob this season.