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Episode 31: Making It
James Urbaniak
Making ItMaking It

Making It #31: James Urbaniak

Riki talks with actor James Urbaniak (The Venture Bros., Sweet and Lowdown, Homeland) about getting his start in the theater, the importance of good friends and becoming a cult voice over star.

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  1. LevelledUp says:

    Very interesting guy. I first became aware of him as Rolf, Dwight’s friend on The Office.

    After listening to his story and getting more of a sense of him, I think he’d be terrific in so-called genre shows. I’d recommend he try to get on shows of that type, like Fringe, Alcatraz, Terra Nova, etc. I think he’d fit right in and get a lot of work. He has a vibe of an intense but somewhat mysterious intelligence, which is ideal for science fiction and fantasy series – of which there are many.

  2. Todd Mason says:

    Excellent interview…HENRY FOOL is good, and its sequel (also with JU), FAY GRIM, is even better. Only downside I heard was Urbaniak’s (I suspect unconscious) tendency to cut you off, particularly when you were reminded of similar experiences; your grace in dealing with that was notable.

  3. GlumChum says:

    I am really excited to listen to this one. If only I wasn’t at work right now. Well I’ll just have to listen while I make dinner. Thanks Riki…