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Makeup Artist Turns Her Lips Into Cartoon Characters

Makeup Artist Turns Her Lips Into Cartoon Characters

Face paint isn’t just about painting a rainbow or star on your cheek anymore. Laura Jenkinson takes the idea to a level I hadn’t even imagined with her lip art. When professional makeup artists share work online, the skills involved usually intimidate me. Jenkinson’s designs show off her talent, but they also intimidate me on a whole other level because she turns her lips into cartoon characters. It’s like cosplay for your lips! And the lip art is cool but also slightly off-putting.

Lip makeup - Powerpuff Girls

Jenkinson has been painting cartoons and creatures onto her lips since at least last summer. The subjects have included animals such as monkeys, cartoon characters such as The Powerpuff Girls to Mario, and several Disney and Pixar characters. Her blog and Instagram feature dozens of examples of lip art, and even if they’re weird, they show off her prowess with makeup brushes. The likenesses are solid, and she also adds shadows and highlights. Jenkinson told the Daily Mail she uses theatrical makeup to achieve the desired look rather than turning to lipstick. She says she has an easier time drawing the characters on own chin than others, and she creates the cartoons by holding a reference image up to the mirror as a guide and going from there. Professionals. They make it sound so simple.

She doesn’t only decorate her face with childhood memories either; Jenkinson’s showed off some gory special effects makeup on her blog and full face paint jobs like this Edward Scissorhands look:

jenskinson - edward scissorhands

Flip through the gallery to see more of Jenkinson’s work:

Are you more impressed or scared by this version of face painting? Let us know in the comments.

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