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Make Your Own GOT Bean Bag Iron Throne

Make Your Own GOT Bean Bag Iron Throne

While ruling the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros would certainly come with its comforts, sitting on a iron chair made out of swords wouldn’t necessarily be one of them. Complete lack of cushioning aside, let’s consider that every time you shift your position, you risk a serious ass-slicing. Luckily, Isabell Kiko of Nerd By Night has created a bean bag version of the Iron Throne and has even published directions for how you can assemble one of your own. The directions are complex, but it’s a lot simpler than conquering a multi-kingdom empire to get one.

Iron Throne IP 2

(Isabell Kiko)

“It all started when I read that the Iron Throne is ‘not a comfortable seat,'” Kiko said. “I thought to myself, ‘Well, we’ll see about that!’ I had made myself a bean bag chair before, and so I know that those things are by far the most comfortable seats ever — and I challenged myself to merge those two ideas.”

Iron Throne IP

(Isabell Kiko)

In addition to painstakingly crafting every sword point on the back of the throne, Kiko hand painted all of the interior swords onto the fabric. She later realized that you can print your own designs directly onto fabric, which she admits would have made the process a lot easier: “Skipping the painting or at least doing that digitally would have been a huge relief and now that I know of it, I’ll definitively try it some day.”

So for all of you GOT fans who are halfway through forging your own Iron Throne (probably a good handful of people), maybe consider shifting your craft medium from Valyrian steel to fabric and foam.

HT: CNET, Nerd By Night


  1. laura says:

    thank you posting for this, its look very unique, im one of game throne fans :)