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Make the Most of Coachella 2014 with JBL’s INDIO BINGO!

Make the Most of Coachella 2014 with JBL’s INDIO BINGO!

Let’s be honest: apart from the endless cavalcade of big name musical acts, one of the best reasons to go to Coachella is the people-watching. One of my favorite days of the year is when LA Weekly puts out their annual round-up of the best dance moves in GIF form. The point is, whether you’re a naked wizard getting tased by the cops (NSFW) or you’re struggling to put your flip-flops on (SFW) or you’re just genuinely having a good time while wearing something ridiculous, Coachella is a visual feast. The festival is more densely packed with eye-catching sights and synaptic signal-jamming than a Where’s Waldo book.

To help you turn your Coachella experience up to 11, our pals at JBL have put together a handy-dandy game for you to play while roadies are lugging amps back and forth or you’re waiting for the drop: Indio Bingo! Played much like normal Bingo, Indio Bingo is customized for Coachella’s unique assortment of costumes, characters, and crazy campsites that you’re bound to encounter over the course of your weekend in the sun. Take it up a notch and take pictures to prove you saw them and tag them #IndioBingo! Just be gentle with your captions — even naked wizards have feelings.

Post by JBL.

What are you hoping to see at Coachella? What other categories would you add? Let us know in the comments below, and stay tuned to our JBL/Coachella page to keep track of all the musical madness and more!