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Make Cool Stuff: Yarn Bombs

Photo by Mindy Holahan

Have you seen something like this around your neighborhood lately? Any trees or parking meters grow sweaters? Welcome to yarn bombing, the knitting and crochet version of graffiti.

I saw this yarn bomb in Philadelphia’s Rittenhouse Square a few months ago. The Rocky statue outside the Philadelphia Museum of Art also got hit:


These works of sticks and string are popping up all over the place. There’s even someone working on a documentary about yarn bombing: is a great place to see lots of yarn bombs, like this and this and this.

I’m of two different minds on this. I love the color and the whimsical display of my favorite craft, but the rule-following nerd in me worries when I see sweaters on trees. The yarn can easily get waterlogged and promote fungal growth. Metals can rust for the same reasons. Still, most of these works of art are taken down pretty quickly. As graffiti they’re easier to remove than paint and a lot more huggable than a regular bomb.

Have you seen any yarn bombs in your neighborhood?