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MAD Turns 100 on Cartoon Network (With Extra Added Weird Al)

MAD Turns 100 on Cartoon Network (With Extra Added Weird Al)

The folks over at MAD are pretty proud of themselves today, and considering that they’ve reached the 100th episode mark of the Cartoon Network animated series based on the magazine, they ought to be, especially considering the guest voices they’ve arranged for the special, double-length episode.

Tonight at 8:30/7:30c, MAD will be parodying Man of Steel, fitting, since that movie is making its DVD/Blu-ray debut tomorrow, too. (Yes, it’s MAD of Steel. Of course it is.) And here’s the stunt casting: “Weird Al” Yankovic as Superman and Henry Winkler as Jor-El. They’re also doing a musical sketch, “The Worst Show Ever,” in the style of One Direction ripping the show (and Mr. Yankovic will also voice the band’s manager).

Producer and head writer Kevin Shinick talked to Indiewire’s Animation Scoop about the 100th episode, and in the interview he talks about how he wanted this version, unlike Fox’s long-running MADtv, to be “the TV version of the magazine,” enlisting some of the most familiar names from the print version — the legendary Sergio Aragones, Al Jaffee, Tom Richmond — along with the style of the late, great Don Martin. As someone who grew up a MAD Magazine fanatic — I had all the paperbacks from the ’50s, read all the 1960s and 1970s issues, worshipped Mort Drucker and Dave Berg and Aragones and Jaffee and Martin and Jack Davis and Bob Clarke and Dick DeBartolo and all the way back to Bill/Will Elder, Wally Wood, and Harvey Kurtzman, anything that echoes the spirit of the “usual gang of idiots” is all right by me.

From past episodes:

Animation Scoop also has this exclusive clip from tonight, of all things a Sanjay and Craig/TMNT mashup, Sanjay and Krang: