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Mad Men Go West

Thank you, New York Magazine’s Vulture blog, for picking up on the season finale of Mad Men and imagining the series moving everyone out west to… The O.C. Well, not everyone. Don and Megan make the cut, plus Teddy and Stan. Not Peggy? Or Pete and his sideburns? Harry and his “mod” outfits? Freddy Rumsen rematerializing as a cult leader? Yeah, I know, I saw the finale and I know who’s going (and, ostensibly, who’ll be off the show in the last season), but they really should have moved Don and crew out here en masse. Either that, or move the entire cast into Don’s Pennsylvania childhood home. So much potential.

(Hey, did I ever tell you about the time they shot some of The O.C. up the street and I ran past Peter Gallagher having an impassioned conversation on his cell phone? No? Well, it wasn’t much of a story, so you didn’t miss anything.)