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Luigi Shell Shocks Cosplayers At Anime Expo

Luigi Shell Shocks Cosplayers At Anime Expo

When they see you rolling and decide to commence in hating while patrolling so that they can catch you riding dirty, you can always count on Luigi to show you the right way to respond in such situations – by chucking a high velocity shell at fools.

Luigi’s infamous death stare has shifted from the realm of memes and animated GIFs to make it’s way to Anime Expo last weekend, courtesy of youtuber D Piddy. Check out this cool video of Big L terrorizing cosplayers:

We assume that all of these shell assaults were staged, though some of them played out authentically enough to convince us otherwise. Either way, you have to admit the video was downright fun and yet another reason why Luigi is the true badass of the famous brotherly duo.

[HT: D Piddy Youtube]


  1. Dawn says:

    Some say… he took Luigi out back for a beating after the con.  All we know is, Stig cosplay kicks ass.

  2. Django says:

    This is great!!