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Love Goes Wrong in the Horror Short WITCH

Love Goes Wrong in the Horror Short WITCH

Be careful who you bump into. Or maybe, don’t argue in the streets. It’s hard to tell which moral to take from the horror short Witch from the filmmaking duo of Americo Siller and Tyler Mager.

The intense – and strange – short follows a couple who… well, I’ll let you discover for yourself, but the filmmakers had some thoughts on the meaning, which they shared with Shock Til You Drop who ran the Fantastic Fest entry:

“When coming up with the idea for Witch, we had decided very early on that we had to do something different with the horror genre,” says Mager. “Witches and the mythology that goes along with them have always interested me, specifically the way some have been portrayed fictionally as cannibalistic in order to keep their power.”

“What we wanted to do is to take some typical notions of witch mythology and ground them in a very real and relatable story,” he adds. “In this case our focus was a break up. A public one at that. We decided that we wanted to combine both ideas to sort of show the ugly side of relationships and the way people almost metaphorically feed off of each other’s life energy until they hit a breaking point.”

The short stars Johnny Walter (Butcher Boys, Out of Darkness), Jeannie Carter-Cruz (Closer to Bottom), and giving it her all as the witch, Quetta Carpenter.

Liked Witch? It’ll be available on iTunes later this week for all of $1, so show your support for the film (and own it, to boot) by dropping a buck on it.