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Louis C.K. SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE Promo Is, Of Course, LOUIE-esque

Louis C.K. SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE Promo Is, Of Course, LOUIE-esque

One of the best episodes of Saturday Night Live last season was hosted by Louis C.K., which makes it exciting that he’s returning to host yet again this weekend. As you might well know if you have watched the show over the years, things at SNL fare better, in general, when a comedian or someone with hosts who have some sort of a comedy background. The monologue is usually a nice chunk of their stand-up or a well-thought-out bit, and they have a better sense of themselves in sketches.

In the case of Louie, you can even see his much praised comedic voice in this promo for this weekend’s episode (i.e., not so much goofy as those moments in Louie where he lets the awkwardness play out).


  1. Kristy says:

    Davor – THANK YOU – I didn’t want to miss out purely because I live in Australia.

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Louie is a nickname for Louis. His name is Louis and sometimes people call him

  3. James Curle says:

    Wait…did he change the way his name is pronounced? From “Louie” to “Louis”? Did I miss a memo?

  4. Brad says:

    It amazes me that NBC, CBS, etc. will block anyone from outside of the country from seeing promo material. I can maybe understand for viewing actual shows since there would be an issue with advertisers, but promos? You really don’t want me to know about your show at all, even though I can watch it on the Canadian feed of your network? Silliness.

  5. Davor says:

    Embedded video is “region blocked” (bleh!) but youtube works for me: