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Los Angeles Mayor Campaigns to Bring George Lucas Museum to City

Los Angeles Mayor Campaigns to Bring George Lucas Museum to City

George Lucas has made films that have changed lives, and he’s got a museum in the works that could do the same. The Lucas Cultural Arts Museum, conceived by Lucas, is dubbed as “anthropological museum of visual storytelling.” It will showcase fine art, animation, cinematic design, and more, and the museum will offer programming for all. Besides being educational, the collection will probably inspire some visitors to pursue creative careers. However, the museum doesn’t have a home yet.

San Francisco is a strong contender, but Los Angeles has also thrown it’s lightsaber into the ring. Mayor Eric Garcetti posted an open letter to Lucas and Mellody Hobson on his website explaining why the city is an ideal location for the Lucas Cultural Arts Museum. Garcetti said:

I’m excited about your plan to build the Lucas Cultural Arts Museum. This center presents such an amazing opportunity to inspire creativity, especially in our youth. We’d like you to consider opening your museum in a place where its impact can be amplified like no other, Los Angeles.

He goes on to explain the perfect location for the museum: Expo Park. Tucked into South Los Angeles, that area already attracts visitors looking for museums. You’ll find the Natural History Museum, the African American Museum, and the Science Center there. It’s equipped to handle crowds and cars, and I could see the Lucas Museum being a natural fit.

Garcetti is leveraging social media to help convince Lucas and Hobson of the value of bringing the museum to what the mayor calls “the creative capital of the world.” He’s asked supporters to use the hashtag #WhyLucasinLA and explain why they think Los Angeles is the ideal location for the museum.

Politicans from Chicago and San Francisco are also lobbying to win the The Lucas Cultural Arts Museum. Where do you think it should be built? Let us know your opinion in the comments.

HT: Variety, photo via Eric Garcetti


  1. Anthony says:

    Why not San Diego?