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Look! Up in the Sky! A MAN OF STEEL Blu-ray and Statue Giveaway!

No blue suit and red cape in the world are as famous as those belonging to Krypton’s favorite (and last) son. What’s that? You don’t see very many blue suit/red cape combos? That’s because once Superman hit the scene in 1938, there was no need for any others. On this, the 75th Anniversary year of the first comic book superhero, we’ve got a giveaway fit for someone faster than a speeding bullet. (By extension, he’s also faster than very slow bullets.)

If you enter this giveaway, you could be the proud owner of two very mighty, very awesome bits of Supes’ recent legacy. Firstly, you get a copy of Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel on Blu-ray in a DVD and Digital Copy combo. Relive the birth of a legend in a massive set that includes hours of extras, including a feature-length video commentary featuring Zack Snyder and a host of other people which takes you on a step-by-step journey through the making of the film. It’s on a completely separate disc, even! Add to that, you also get the 2 minute short film from Snyder and Bruce Timm which we featured a few weeks back.

Second, the winner will receive a Man of Steel ARTFX statue from Kotobukiya, the leader in high quality comic book and movie statuary. The figure is of one the famous first images of Henry Cavill we saw as Superman and stands 10.5″ tall when assembled, on a base shaped like the Kryptonian “Hope” symbol with a fully movable cloth cape. It’s a must-have for any fan of DC Comics’ most celebrated character.


Now, for the specifics; all you have to do to enter is leave a comment below with a valid email address and tell us your favorite incarnation of Superman, be it in movies, comics, television, or whatever. One winner will be chosen at random and will get both of these amazing prizes. You’ve only got until midnight on Tuesday, November 19th, 2013 to enter, or your chances of winning will meet the same fate as Krypton itself, which is to say it will explode because of volcanic activity.

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  1. fangy says:

    I like the new 52 Superman.

  2. dPPd says:

    My favorite Superman is Superboy. His adventures with the Legionnaires were fun to read.

  3. dPPd says:

    My favorite Superman is Superboy. His adventures with the Legionnaires were cool.

  4. ARC says:

    The most recent movie version in Man of Steel is my favorite Superman.

  5. Derek Diercksmeier says:

    I was a HUGE fan of “Smallville”. It was a wobnderful series that introduced me to the brilliant mythology of Superman!

  6. Ale Rampoldi says:

    Man of Steel for sure!!

  7. Eric Augst says:

    Man of Steel had everything I wanted to see in a Superman movie!

  8. Sean C. says:

    I have to go with Henry Cavill.

  9. Jarrett Schack says:

    Christopher Reeve is probably the best live action Superman, however I really enjoyed the new take on Superman in Man of Steel with Henry Cavill as well!

  10. rob hestar says:

    Christopher Reeve!

  11. Nicole says:

    Christopher Reeve I <3 the 80's movies woohoo

  12. Mason says:

    Christopher Reeve is the quintessential Superman. That being said, I enjoyed Man of Steel very much.

  13. Peter Paul says:

    In live-action: Henry Cavill’s version. Finally, someone who physically looks like Superman.

    In comic books: 1960’s Superman when he could do everything, inlcuding pushing the planet Earth.

  14. Dan Doherty says:

    Christopher Reeve. Iconic.

  15. Devon McGovern-Johnson says:

    After being beaten up by Batman and shot with a kryptonite-tipped arrow, Superman from ‘The Dark Knight Returns’ allows Batman to get away with faking his own death. All he does to acknowledge he knows the truth is wink. Classy.

  16. Keith Evans says:

    Christopher Reeve!!!!

    But I do have to say Henry Cavill is not too shabby.

  17. David Kaye says:

    Definitely Christopher Reeves. He was great at portraying both Superman and Clark and was able to bring a down to earth quality to the man of steel. No pun intended.

  18. Sandrene says:

    My favorite is Superman in Identity Crisis, because he seemed like a real guy with a real moral dilemma.

  19. Daniel says:

    Red and Blue electric Superman from the comics.

  20. Evan says:

    I gotta go with Christopher Reeves. The 70s/80s Superman totally revived the series until DC killed him in the 90s

  21. Kevin Heaney says:

    1993 comics for me will always be Superman. Dan Jurgens and Brett Breeding, allowed Superman to come alive IMHO

  22. Tim says:

    My favorite incarnation of Superman is Smallville. It allowed us to get under the skin of the Man of Steel

  23. Tim says:

    I’ll take the comics any day.

  24. pac says:

    I’m a fan of Smallville and watching Clark become a hero through high school and beyond. Plus the last few seasons with the JSA was great!

  25. Michael T says:

    I loved the “Public enemies” Superman; the characters were larger than life (literally and figuratively) and we got a lighter turn on the Batman/Superman dynamic. it was a great change of pace and one that helped me get back into comics again after a 10 year hiatus.

  26. BukaHobbit says:

    I still mourn the loss of the Nick Cage version. [email protected]

  27. PFranco says:

    Chris Reeves – Diner scene when he says. I’ve never seen garbage eat garbage before. After he whoops that truckers ass says hes been working out with the bench press move. HAHA awesome.

  28. Kristy Graboski says:

    Christopher Reeves! Classic…

  29. Jorel Fernandez says:

    My favorite incarnation of Superman would be my son. I was literally named after Jor-El and now my son is my favorite incarnation of the man of steel- to be. I hope I win! Thanks!

  30. Every incarnation of Supes has a li’l somethin’ to it. It’s hard to not go straight to Christopher Reeve’s portrayal, but that may be the 8-year-old Superman: The Movie-viewer in me, forever clutching a melting tube of Rolos from opening shot to the end of the credits.

    I loved John Byrne’s and Jerry Ordway’s comic-based reboot in the late ’80s — a really excellent, dark saga, without getting too dark for Superman — and of course Bruce Timm’s animated series.

    Great stuff!

  31. MarioM says:

    Regardless of whether this counts or not…Tim Daly in Superman: The Animated Series. I grew up on Superman and Batman, and even while reading comics now, I still imagine his voice as Superman. From the beginning episode “The Last Son of Krypton”, to “Brave New Metropolis” where Lois is killed in an alternate universe and Superman creates a police state of control along with Lex (sound kind of vaguely familiar), to the “World’s Finest” episode with Batman, along with “Apokolips…Now!” in which he shows incredible rage probably for the first time after witnessing Dan Turpin die at the hands of Darkseid’s Omega Beams, down all the way to “Legacy” in which Superman is turned into Darkseid’s general (sound familiar again), and concluding all the way to the Justice League series. While I had seen Christopher Reeve in the superman films (Superman III which scared the crap out of me when the computer assimilated that woman), Tim Daly and Superman: The Animated Series is the Superman incarnation I grew up on.

  32. Gotta pick Christopher Reeves Superman – he did a good job with Clark Kent – the later movies were pretty forgettable though – Superman IV anyone? toddlovessweeps at

  33. Paul Lemieux says:


  34. kevin walker says:

    chris reeve the best only cause i grew up with himas superman. henry cavil is the next in line as far as movies go

  35. Paul Tackley says:

    I think man of steel is amazing I’ve watched it many times now. I remember being really scared in superman II (I think it was) when the woman gets pulled into the machine and turned into some robot. Man of steel is definitely my top supes film though.

  36. Dan D. says:

    Christopher Reeve version

  37. Van says:

    Superman: Birthright or Man of Steel

  38. Jason says:

    Christopher Reeve

  39. Devin says:

    Ben afflack was awesome as george reeves and superman in hollywoodland

  40. Igor Wlasny says:

    I really loved the Man of Steel superman and as of today i think i’d pick it as my fav. But then again lots of iterations are really awesome! 😉

  41. Dennis Vermeulen says:

    Man of steel Definitly!

  42. Branden Visi says:

    I would love a Super man Statue and Man of Steel watch it all day every day.

  43. Yannick Tetreault says:

    I love Jim Lee’s superman in comic books.
    And in live action movies, Henry Cavill is doing the better job of all incarnations since Christopher Reeve.

  44. Dan Van Wert says:

    Christopher Reeve in Superman 1: there will be no better Superman in my book!!!

  45. cristian says:

    Chris Reeves

  46. Doug Royston says:

    I grew up with Christopher Reeve as Superman and his portrayal of Superman is the standard that all future Superman actors must be held to.

  47. Mike Burnett says:

    Snyder’s Man Of Steel

  48. Susan Freeman says:

    I remember watching reruns of George Reeves with my dad. He introduced me to this world. Now 35 years later I’m still just as into it.

  49. I loved Man of Steel. I just watched it on a recent flight across the country and it felt epic.

  50. Will Montgomery says:

    Gerorge & Chris Reeves are best!