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Look, It’s The “Jonah’s Arcade” Pilot

Once upon a time, a fine television program was created, nurtured, and lovingly crafted by a crack team of experts. They worked long and hard on making it the best television show it could be, and when they were finished, they knew that they could be proud of what they did. And that would have to do, because the network brutally rejected the show. The End.

But not the end, not in this age of the YouTubery. Thus, you may now see the pilot for Jonah Ray’s Jonah’s Arcade, produced for Comedy Central and starring the aforementioned Jonah Ray of Nerdist Podcast fame, alomg with Kumail Nanjiani of The Indoor Kids fame, Eddie Pepitone of Puddin’ fame, and Johnny Pemberton of MTV’s MegaDrive fame.

And here it is, in all its unbleeped glory (yes, that means this one is NSFW unless you’re wearing headphones):


The credits:
Created by: Matt Kirsch & Jonah Ray
Executive Producers: Matt Kirsch, Brad Stevens, Boyd Vico
Director: Jordan Vogt-Roberts
Writers: Kumail Nanjiani, Tom Segura, Paul Bonanno
Producer: Paul Bonanno
Editor: Al Levine
Featuring: Johnny Pemberton, Kumail Nanjiani, Eddie Pepitone
Song by The Mae Shi

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  1. Gabe says:

    Wow, can’t believe CC didn’t actually pick that up. I laughed multiple times, thought you clearly knew what you were talking about when it comes to gaming.

    Plus I like the tie you’re wearing in this thing.

  2. Tony Campbell says:

    Jonah’s Arcade is AMAZING. I know somebody’s GOT to pick it up and I can’t wait to see more.

  3. Emily Greenhause says:

    I honestly loved this Jonah! It’s a shame it didn’t get picked up 🙁 But on a good note I’m glad you were able to spread the pilot around for people to see. I’m glad that people including myself were able to view it. Hopefully something else will come across for you, even if it’s not like this show. You’re really talented with writing and working on things so i’m sure even without this show you’ll do just fine. thanks for sharing this though! 😀

  4. Diane says:

    Dear Jonah,

    I know you’d prefer the show to be on TV. My only question is “Are you from the past??????”


  5. Kyle Begley says:

    I really like the show Jonah! Great job!

  6. Rob says:

    I would have watched the shit out of this show if it had made it… seriously comedy central…

  7. Jak3 says:

    This pilot is super funny and interesting. Typical TV executives being out of touch with reality. When they realize that Tosh.0 has lost it’s heart and is an empty shell of the funny irreverent show it once was maybe they will give Jonah a call. Oh and I wish my local cable provider offered g4 again as I no longer can see Web Soup.

  8. Matt says:

    some really good bits, and i just recently got turned on to Kumail Nanjiani by a friend who was hilarious in this.

  9. Serx says:

    Dear Comedy Central,

    I would pay for this on iTunes.


    Your target demographic

    PS: Jesus Christ Japan made spit water all over my laptop.

  10. Meaghan says:

    Legitimately upset this wasn’t picked up. This was so funny. Comedy Central passed up on a good thing.

  11. Matt says:

    I think it’s interesting reading people’s comments – humor seems to be such a hit and miss situation, kind of like people’s taste in music – that being said, I really like what you are doing Jonah and just wish you continue what you’re doing – hopefully this will get picked up – Kumail was hilarious – I think you guys should keep doing stuff together – like music, the best stuff always rises to the top – keep doing what you’re doing – you still make alot of people smile

  12. Joy says:

    This was great! so sad that it didn’t get picked? Who can we write to? Lol.

  13. Chad says:

    @ Chad. Your right I guess my stumbling block must be retarded comments I will try to work on it.

  14. Fausto Rivera says:

    At first I thought I would be not that good. I am happy to say im right ….NOT. it was really funny It’s shows that Jonah can be good he seemed a little nervous but that’s alright Jimmy Fallon was nervous on his show now look at him. I don’t have a favorite part because it was all fantastic I plan on showing my friends I heard the podcast and agree it should only be on tv. Anyway bye. Big C, Mira-booey and Vajonah

  15. Ben says:

    This was amazing. Is there any chance that this will be on TV any time soon?

  16. JM Bell says:

    Not only did I like it – not that many people can pull off a cod piece with that degree of Je ne sais quoi.

    And for the lamers – when was the last time Comedy Central called YOU and asked YOU to make a pilot for them? (Hey, Viacom? so – what’s up? You lose my number?)

  17. Chad says:

    @ The other Chad:
    Thinking that I am dealing with “something else within myself” because I pointed out that, to me, a punchline that played on a negative stereotype kinda took the piss out of the previous 2 segments that were poking fun at those who used negative stereotypes is confusing to me, but then again I don’t know what kind of issues you are dealing with. I was just making an observation, not pissing in anyone’s cornflakes. I still think the pilot was funny and should have been picked up. I still think Jonah (and Chris and Matt) are extremely hilarious, and good at what they do. I just saw a ball when apparently everyone else saw a strike, as far as that one joke went.

    (And by the way, saying that someone who is posting on a comment thread is only doing so so that more successful people will pay attention to them is pretty rich coming from someone who is posting on the same comment thread. )

  18. Chad says:

    This Chad thinks the other Chad must have a hard time watching Comedy Central if he thinks these kinds of jokes are a stumbling block. In most cases people that take offense to these kinds of things are dealing with something else within themselves. Its sad that the most absurd comments get the most attention out there on the web and that’s why people like this say these things because they want somebody who has some kind of success look at there words.

  19. Chibilisie says:

    Very nice Jonah Ray!!

  20. DefconDan says:

    This was pretty funny Jonah…

    PS @ Chad CHILL DUDE

  21. Chad says:

    At 5:14 the show deals with the stupidity of a patently racist video game. Then at 6:20 the show deals with the gay slur issue when it comes to online gaming. Brilliant job on both counts. Then at 7:15, the phrase “Thank you, the South” undoes all of the good that the previous segments did, at least for me. I doesn’t really work to call attention to the absurdity of negative stereotypes and then use a negative stereotype as your punchline, IMHO. It doesn’t kill the show or mean that Comedy Central dropped the ball any less, it’s just a stumbling block that tripped me up, is all.

  22. Tristan says:


  23. Jonah Ray says:

    To address everybody asking about doing this as a web series:

    I don’t see that happening. I’ve done quite a bit of web series in my time and it’s just not worth it. As far as making a living off of it.

    I had a blast making it, but onward and upward.

    To address everybody asking about doing this on G4:
    G4 doesn’t pick up to many shows. especially ones that are essentially a combination of Web Soup (same producers as the pilot), AOTS, and Xplay.

    Thanks everybody for watching it. Spread it around as much as you can. maybe something will come of it and then i’ll give you ALL THE MONIES THAT COME FROM THAT!!!!!!

    go fuck yerselves

  24. Diane says:

    Did you ever think of doing this as a web series until someone gets the common sense to pick it up?

  25. Christine says:

    Jonah–you crushed this. Your delivery is perfect, and I love the way you add new blood to the canon of shows like Talk Soup, Web Soup, Tosh, and all the rest. Keep plugging away at this because it deserves to be on air. For now, I will get all my friends to watch it on line so you can go back to the network and stick the number of views in their face.

    Your glasses make you look sexy!

  26. A.D says:

    I just had the worst day – I spent weeks crash coursing for a job interview, only to have it last 10 min and end in a solid NO.

    Then I find this clip and laugh hard. Thanks, Jonah! Sorry things didn’t work out for the show.

  27. Little C says:

    Loved it Jonah! Can’t wait to see what you do next…you are the most loveable asshole ever…now go fuck yourself!
    Big kiss,
    Little C

  28. todd says:

    Please turn this into an original web show for Nerdist! That would be the bees fuckin knees

  29. K2theM says:

    I always knew Kumail was from a video game.

  30. Mitch says:

    I’d guess Chad’s just butt hurt about Jonah calling out the south in Johnny Pemberton skit.

  31. Josh R. says:

    Awesome Pilot, Jonah!

    It’s a bummer it didn’t get picked up, but you guys did a great job. Would have loved to see more.

  32. Jenn Zuko says:

    I agree that G4 should pick this up. Fer Sher.

    Hey Jonah, did you hurt yourself falling on (off?) that obstacle course? Of course not, you had those sexy pads on.

  33. EWSentinel says:

    I liked it Jonah. Though I thought that it was a bit campy in spots, but I found several parts to be funny. I especially liked the parts where it was natural-feeling and organic. In a few spots it sounded like you were reading a cue card. But all-in-all, I enjoyed it. Good job.

  34. Liam says:

    This should be on G4.

  35. Kumail Nanjiani says:

    Chad said: “Pretty funny until you follow two skits about bigotry with a gross generalization about a specific region of the country that feeds on negative stereotypes.”

    Chad, could you pls tell me which skits you are referring to here?


  36. Diane says:

    I liked it. It started off slow but picked up by the end. Jonah seems to be really cute and nice. 🙂

    My suggestion would be to produce a 5 min weekly/daily video podcast about video games to build an audience. Geekbrief/geekbeat is an example of a tech podcast that is in this format.

    To finance the podcast you could put a paypal link. I try to support my favorite podcasts. Adam Carolla has sponsors. Filmspotting has a paypal link (I’ve been a monthly subscriber for years now). Gladston is producing Hate by Numbers when the paypal donations reach a certain level.

    Long story short: I would watch & support this show should it become a video podcast. As many podcast as I listen/watch I don’t have a video game themed podcast. Blizzard produces a podcast every 100000 years. Penny Arcade has not had a podcast in ages.

    Kudos Jonah

  37. frankie says:

    i don’t know about everyone else but i loved this pilot and would defintly watch this show

  38. Leah says:

    What a bummer that this didn’t make it – seriously funny. I loved every second of it!

    (Also did anyone else think they could hear Mira laughing in the audience?)

  39. Emilio says:

    How do i find that video of the dude Johnny annoying people on xbox live?

  40. Prez says:

    Havent you consider this pilot to G4. This would fit perfectly

  41. Andy says:

    WHY THE BALLS ISN’T THIS ON MY TV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. Thomas Weiler says:

    More blind video games! I nearly fell off my chair laughing.

  43. Mandy W. says:

    Cool video, thanks for sharing Jonah. But being honest here, based off of the pilot alone, which I know base an entire show on, would I watch this show religiously, probably not but I would if I was flipping and I came across it. What I WOULD watch is a show where Jonah is doing sketches and his comedy and being his snarkey/hispter/asshat self because that is gold my friends. Keep up the good work sir!

    P.S. Completely agree that Johan looks odd without the facial hair and hipster clothes.

  44. Beeznitchio says:

    I am not a fan of Jonah. His low self esteem which leads to his mean spirited humor grates on my nerves. So I really wanted to hate this. The first bit where he cussed at the politician on the screen didn’t disappoint, it was a groan-er. However, then it got really funny and stayed consistently funny to the end. I would have watched it over that show where the guys are pot-smoking telemarketers and I am certain this would have cost a fraction of that show to produce.

  45. HeartOfChambers says:

    Wonderful job, Jonah. CC is crazy for rejecting it.

  46. SC says:

    Jonah, read your reply to my post and I didn’t know comedy central asked for the pilot and obviously doing something like that takes you out of your element, I certainly couldn’t do it. It wasn’t bad and you should be proud of what you did. I never said I thought the show was bad, I said it was funny.

    It seems like any time you write anything even slightly negative on a website it is always taken the wrong way. As I said in my post I wasn’t trying to come across as harsh and I wasn’t trying to ‘help’ with my criticism like you said. I was only giving my opinion on what was posted, which is what I thought these boxes were for.

    If we are only allowed to post completely positive feedback on this site then please feel free to delete what I wrote and I will only post sunshine and lollipops on here from now on.

    Honestly, best of luck in whatever you decide to work on next. I am still a big fan and I’m sorry you were unhappy with my post.

  47. Kyle says:

    I love the little things, like when that asshole Trevor flips off the wall and you are on your phone. Amazing.

  48. maybe they belong in jail–ha!

  49. Tyson says:

    The saddest thing about this show is that this is the only episode I can watch. Great job Jonah, oh and great laughing Mira-booey.

  50. Wesley Marshall says:

    I really enjoyed this pilot Jonah, and as everyone said it had legs and it could’ve turned out to be an awesome show if CC had picked it up. Don’t worry I’m sure an opportunity will arise to do something similar. I’m very happy you let us see it. The X-Box Dating, the Van, and Eddies bit with Kinect were great. Btw can’t wait for the new 7 inch vinyl!