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LOGAN’s Villains are Finally Confirmed for Last WOLVERINE Film

Update, October 18, 2016: Looks like these pesky villains have—at long last!—been confirmed. In an Instagram post from the film’s official account, an image of a Reaver was posted …which we totally told you about back in May. Read our exclusive report below, and watch the Nerdist News episode about it, above!


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Previously: This Nerdist News is jam-packed with spoilers and ‘sclusies, so if you wanna stay in the dark until March 2017, turn back now! As we speak, Wolverine 3 is shooting in New Orleans and we know three things for sure. First, it’s R-rated. Second, it’s set in the future! And last, we’re going to see Wolverine facing off against a “relentless, calculating… intense head of security for a global enterprise” original villain played by Boyd Holbrook. While it’s a little bit of a bummer that we won’t be seeing an iconic comic book baddie, a little ‘sclusie bird told us we might get a few more familiar faces than we thought! That’s right, we’ve got a Nerdist News exclusive for you!

A source close to the production told us that Reavers will be battling old man Logan in Wolverine 3. For newbies to the X-Men, Reavers are a group of cyborgs who’ve operated both as a gang of thieves and an elite military task force. Oh, and they’ve got a history of hatin’ on mutants under the leadership of major X-baddie Donald Pierce. In addition to being half-robot, Pierce allegedly built Reavers to wipe out the mutants and some humans. So he’s a little bit like the X-Men‘s very own Hitler. Fun! As of now, we have two mysterious villains confirmed. First was Boyd Holbrook’s character, and now we know that former Spice Girls manager (in the movie anyway) Richard E. Grant is tied to the movie to play a mad scientist… perhaps Donald Pierce himself?

Our thoughts are these: one option is that that “global enterprise” is the Hellfire Club, a bunch of elite, rich mutants who want to influence world events, which, surprise surprise, reaver leader Donald Pierce was a member of. Pierce could become the group’s new leader, and the Reavers could possibly become their security crew! Another possibility, and this one is chok-full-of-spoilers because it has to do with the post-credits scene in X-Men: Apocalypse, is that this global enterprise is the Essex Corp. run by Nathaniel Essex aka Mister Sinister. We caught a peek of the Weapon X facility in the post-credits scene, so we could definitely see this typing into Wolverine 3‘s plot! Especially because there’s a rumor going around that X-23, a female Wolverine clone might make an appearance.

And finally, the last (best?) option! What if the creative team behind Wolverine 3 is taking a more creative, looser approach to the Reavers, and might use this as a chance to have Wolverine face off against all of his biggest foes for one final fight? If Essex Corp. is using the blood of various mutants to build the Reavers, could they reincarnate cyborg versions of the greatest enemies Wolverine has faced across the X-Men cinematic universe? Maybe this is just wishful thinking, but we’ve heard small rumblings that Liev Schreiber might be returning as Sabretooth

But what about you guys? Do you think you’d want classic Wolverine villains to make a return for the three-quel? Which Reaver is the best Reaver? Do you think Wolverine 3 will feature the Siege Perilous, that cosmic device that granted the X-Men the ability to jump parallel timelines and choose to live their lives again without the burden of being born a mutant essentially an X-universe Tabula Rasa? Let’s discuss!

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