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Live “Set List”! Thursday, 9:30/8:30c/6:30p, Here

setlistSay, how would you like to see another live edition of Set List, Paul Provenza and Troy Conrad’s “stand-up without a net” series as seen on the Nerdist Channel and live around the world? Yes, they’re streaming a live Set List from TBS Just For Laughs Chicago, and if you’re here on Thursday night, June 13th, 9:30 pm ET/8:30 pm CT/7:30 pm MT/6:30 pm PT, you’ll see Todd Barry, Renee Gauthier, Moshe Kasher, Brendon Walsh, and our own Indoor Kid Kumail Nanjiani take on the challenge of coming up with material for demented topics flashed on a screen behind them.

And after the show, click here to join a Google Hangout with Paul Provenza, Set List co-creator and one of the sharpest minds in comedy. If that’s not enough, there’ll be ANOTHER live Set List Friday night at midnight CT right here, so stay tuned….