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Live “Set List”! Friday Night/Saturday Morning, 1/12c/10p, Here

setlistDid you enjoy Thursday night’s live stream of Set List, Paul Provenza and Troy Conrad’s “stand-up without a net” series as seen on the Nerdist Channel and live around the world, which we showed you here at Didja? Huh? Well, they’re doing it again: another live Set List from TBS Just For Laughs Chicago, tonight, late Friday/early Saturday, June 14-15 (depending, of course, on where you are), at midnight CT (1e/12c/11m/10p). This time, we’ll see Sam Simmons, Mike Lebovitz, Theo Von, Adam Burke and Kurt Metzger try and keep up with the topics being flashed on the screen behind them. Good luck with that, guys. Provenza’s hosting, too. Watch it.

And if that’s not enough, also from TBS JFL Chicago, you can open another browser window and head over to a post-show Google Hangout at 12:15/11:15c/9:15p with our own Kumail Nanjiani by clicking here. He might be joined by another familiar face. Or you can just watch it here: