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Live Action ATTACK ON TITAN Films Reveal Cast

Live Action ATTACK ON TITAN Films Reveal Cast

If the amount of cosplayers in Recon Corps and full Garrison regalia at San Diego Comic-Con was any indication, excitement for Attack on Titan is still at an all-time high, and today brought a slew of good news for fans eagerly awaiting news of the live action film adaptations. While you’ll have to wait until next summer to see them, there’s plenty of exciting updates to hold you over ’til then. On Wednesday, director Shinji Higuchi revealed that the project would be split into two feature films and the story, crafted in consultation with manga creator Hajime Isayama, will introduce new characters and new, even more dangerous enemies. Considering the script is coming from Yuusuke Watanabe (Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods, Gantz) and film critic Tomohiro Machiyama, you can bet your last canister of compressed air that this adaptation is in good hands.


The question remains, though: who will be flying the iconic 3D Maneuver Gear around Wall Maria and Wall Rose in an effort to beat back the titular Titans? The 23 year-old actor Haruma Miura was previously announced as the film’s star, likely in the role of protagonist Eren Jaeger, and today the rest of his castmates were confirmed, albeit sans roles. Joining Miura in Attack on Titan are Hiroki Hasegawa (Jellyfish Princess), Kiko Mizuhara (Norwegian Wood), Kanata Hongō (Prince of Tennis), Takahiro Miura (Space Battleship Yamato), Nanami Sakuraba (Twin Spica), Satoru Matsuo (Themae Romae), Satomi Ishihara (Sadako 3D), Pierre Taki (Linda Linda Linda), Jun Kunimura (Audition), Shu Watanabe (Kamen Rider OOO), Ayame Misaki (Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters), and Rina Takeda (High Kick Girl).

While live action anime adaptations often raise eyebrows amongst many fans, myself included, the news that Shinji Higuchi is directing the project came as a relief. Not only is Higuchi a former member of Daicon and Gainax who worked on shows like Neon Genesis Evangelion, but he specializes in tokusatsu films, having worked on three Gamera films in the ’90s and God Warrior Attacks for Hideaki Anno’s tokusatsu exhibit. This past December, in addition to the announcement that Higuchi would be helming the project came the reveal of a 30-second Attack on Titan-themed ad he filmed for Subaru Forester. You know, the official car of the post-apocalypse?

Does this cast have you excited? What are your thoughts on the film’s two-part nature? Let us know in the comments below.

[HT: Anime News Network, Crunchyroll]

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  1. Kate says:

    Kiko is going to be in the cast? OMG, the V.I.P feels :)

  2. Strife says:

    All asian cast lol 

  3. nicky georges says:

    my name is nicky.this movie is so amazing i always dream about this movie but at school sean, shanardo,kellen torian and me always talk about ATTACK ON TITAN. every saturday i watch attack on titan at 11:30. i just can’t miss an awesome episode of ATTACK ON TITAN

  4. 11 says:

    the people in the wall would speak English in real life… as the city is in Europe, and all the European (and one Asian person) people move to one place for protection, they would have only one language in common; English. So for a ‘true’ Attack on Titan movie, at least for non-Japanese fans, we would need a cast of British sounding people descended from various European nations, and a single half Japanese female lead.

    • Chloe says:

      Actually, it seems the majority of the cast are from german decent and would most likely be speaking german. After all, since it seems the area of the walls are somewhere where germany used to be, people would adapt to speaking the primary language. The people wouldn’t be divided enough to have to vote what language to use ( if they did that in the first place- it would be more likely that they would have translations for signs and such in different languages and the minority languages would simply fade over time (or become less used ) ). In other words, we would need a bunch of german actors and a single half-german/half-japanese actress. : ) But as awesome as that would be, I can deal with all japanese subsitutes. ; ) Even if it is a bit weird to think if they filmed the movie and had that scene where they mention mikasa as being the only asian left. lol 

      • M. says:

        Actually, they wouldn’t be German (though most of them would be probably of German descent). People from around Germany (Northern Europe) would have migrated to the walls. (They found it rather actually having built it themselves… affects how the Wall cult worship the walls as if it came directly from gods.)

  5. attack on Titan says:


  6. attack on Titan says:


  7. attack on Titan says:

    the movie will be released on summer 2015

  8. Attack on titans says:

    I am so exited on the live action movie of attack on titans this summer 2015

  9. jenny says:

    oh my god!!! miura haruma!! i need a moment…

  10. Aisha123 says:

    Idk why so many people are upset that the movie will have an all Japanese cast….IT’S A FREAKING JAPANESE SHOW!!! of course they will all be Japanese!! I see nothing wrong with it and am looking forward to seeing this movie:)

    • Aisha123 says:

      and holy crap, Kanata hongo will be in this? I can now die of happiness!!!

    • attack on Titan says:

      You are right Aisha 123 they are so obsessed with the cast why don’t you guys just think about how can we understand the film if it is Japanese 

    • 11 says:

      they are supposed to be caucasion! They actually point out that Mikassa being Asian is abnormal in their world, as white people are the only people left. So the film should be all white, with a Japanese supporting female lead.

  11. yellowfella says:

    Im excited to but like most people im sad that they are all Japanese lol. But whatever oh ya and the effects used in most Japanese films kinda suck compared to the us only because we are all damn couch potatoes haha.

  12. Daniel Richter says:

    Install japanese on my brain drive and i’ll start an actors career…

  13. Ali says:

    They speak Japanese only because the creator is Japanese. These characters are not suppose to be Asian, except for Mikasa and she’s only half Asian in the story. I know if they were suppose to be Asian and they had Different ethnicities portraying them people would be livid. According to Hajime Isayama the majority of the characters are German. He picked popular German names for almost every character. I understand they don’t have a lot of diverse actors in Japan, but I’m assuming they’re going to have to change the plot of Mikasa being the only Asian left.

    • yba says:

      dude at least it was made by japanese! Remember Avatar the last air bender or Dragonball Z? Americans fucked it all up

    • muxtaiter says:

      That’s what I thought. The characters in Attack on Titan are supposed to be of various races, as the entirety of humanity came together behind the walls. They’re not Japanese. The only reason they speak Japanese in the series is the same reason why, in Captain Tsuabasa, all the foreign teams spoke Japanese: it’s a Japanese series. And yeah, to emphasize on the German part, both Mikasa and Levi have German last names.I just hope they don’t ruin this like Avatar and DBZ were ruined..

    • attack on Titan says:

      Dude they don’t have enough money to hire a German actor and Japanese is the creator of the film

    • M. says:

      Plus the obvious reason that it’s marketed to Japanese audience. 

  14. Shu Watanabe!! OOO = Best Kamen Rider (to me, mostly)

  15. Zoe says:

    I’m not currently too hopeful. Where is the racial diversity?! One of the main details is that all races live together and not everyone is Asian. I’m on-the-edge-of-my-seat-excited for them however. 

    • kwame says:

      I’m sorta-kinda with you. With the names they have, some of those characters are clearly European, But with all of the times a casts of adaptations get White washed, I’m hardly upset

    • Mik says:

      Tell more German actors to move to Japan and learn Japanese

    • yaeger says:

      But this is a Japanese movie with a Japanese production……………………. with a Japanese MARKET…. it would sell if the Japanese viewers knew the actors. And yeah, tell German, English, French and American actors to move to Japan and learn Japanese. Or you can just start a petition to have a Hollywood adaptation

    • I’d rather wait for a collab (with good well know american directers, not shamalan bullsh*t) for this because this movie could be done so perfectly, we just need the time and the right people.

  16. I so want to see this happen.  I can deal with an all Asian cast.  I just want this movie so bad!

  17. Thai says:

    Hmmmm, I’m hesitant. I thought Mikasa was supposed to be the only Asian (referenced as “oriental” in the manga and anime) in the storyline. I feel the same way when I heard about the attempts to make Akira a live-action movie. Near perfection shouldn’t be messed with.

    • Uly says:


    • s0nicfreak says:

      Yeeeah, whenever I’ve seen a movie written/directed/etc. by people that speak one language, but acted mostly by people that speak another language, it’s been horrible. And there aren’t enough “European” actors in Japan to make the cast accurate. I’m sure they can do enough with makeup and such. And you have to have some suspension of disbelief anyway; why is everyone speaking Japanese in the manga and anime if Mikasa is the only Asian left?  

      • Arella says:

        if there aren’t enough, they just should’ve made it in Europe or somewhere else where they have enough diverse actors instead. I know it might be difficult, but if we had to wait longer to get a near perfect movie, I would have no problem with that. For now I don’t even see which role most of these actors are supposed to play ..

    • Ali says:

      The story they’re using in the movie is supposed to an “original” one with the characters. So they’re just going to use the characters and basic plot, I’m assuming.

  18. idahoturtle says:

    Great! Now I only have a year to learn Japanese! 

  19. Shaun Patrick Snowdon says:

    Please actually go through with the two film production. There is no conceivable way this couldn’t be spectacular. – thank you :-)