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LIT Motors’ C1: The Covered Motorcycle/2 Wheeled Car That Won’t Tip Over

LIT Motors’ C1: The Covered Motorcycle/2 Wheeled Car That Won’t Tip Over

If you’re like me, every time you see a row of parked motorcycles, you have the sudden urge to tip one over and start a domino effect before giddily jumping in your car and skipping town. Unfortunately, LIT Motors has created a self-balancing motorcycle-like vehicle that is seemingly impossible to knock over, which may keep my mischievous impulses forever unrealized.

As this video from the BBC demonstrates, the C1’s electric gyroscopes maintain the vehicle’s balance even when it is dragged by an SUV. The vehicle has actually been in development since 2012, but new models are expected to be ready to ride later this year.

Seeing how the C1 is only 40″ wide, it could still achieve the same traffic weaving ability of which car drivers are consistently jealous. Not only that, but the fact that the whole thing is enclosed means the driver’s face is spared the bug barrage of which nobody is jealous. I would have thought that cutting a car in half would only add to the driving experience.

For those of you who remain fearful of motorcycles, would you feel adequately safe cruising around in the C1? Or would the risk of gyroscope failure keep you forever bound to four wheels?

Speaking of motorcycle safety, check out the new Skully AR-1 motorcycle helmet, which offers the wearer a view of everything happening on their 6, finally joining the sensations of riding a motorcycle and pretending you’re Iron Man.

HT: LIT MotorsMotorAuthority, Discovery News