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Listen to this Sweet BACK TO THE FUTURE Remix

You can’t deny that Back to the Future is one of the most iconic movies of all time. The film’s story is totally rad, but it’s the quotes from the movie that propel the classic through time. Musician Pogo has taken those famed words and delivers a take on the classic film that may have you swing dancing harder than Marty McFly’s parents during his Johnny B. Goode performance.

Make like a tree, and listen to the remixed tune below:

Despite my disdain for the younger and older versions of Biff in the movie, I can’t get enough of his remixed insults. Plus, the video is pretty awesome, though possibly seizure-inducing.

You can check out Pogo’s other musical creations featuring Monster Inc., Pokemon, and Harry Potter on his YouTube channel.

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  1. I’m a long time Pogo fan (since his Alice in Wonderland treatment) and this is a great piece. So glad to see such a brilliant artist catch the eye of The Nerdist team 🙂

  2. 1012 says:

    this one is much cooler by the way.  Hard drives playing the back to the future them song. 

  3. bogo says:

    Wow this vid really sucked ass.  Was there even a reason to post this?   Any one who likes this really must not have any taste is remixes or music!

  4. Kevin says:

    It’s errr.. about time Nerdist paid attention to Pogo and the art of remixing in general. I’ve heard the opinions of the sister wives about remixing on the podcast and none seem to like it or they disparage it. I can say that there can be a lot of shitty remixes out there made by novices, but there are also many, many gems made by accomplished musicians and plunderphonicians such as Pogo that are worth listening to. The highlighted remix you have posted is actually a collaboration of Pogo and a very talented quirky young man named Skye. IMHO, Skye’s original Back to the Future mix is better than Pogo’s. You can see his polished video for it on YouTube here: