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Listen To Aphex Twin’s Never-Before-Heard 1994 Album, Caustic Window

Listen To Aphex Twin’s Never-Before-Heard 1994 Album, Caustic Window

Considering that Aphex Twin lives in a bank and drives a tank, the fact that an unreleased album of his from 1994 randomly surfaced last night, 20 years later, is not all that weird by comparison. I mean, just look at the banner pic! This is a dude that hews to absolutely no predictable life pattern.

After an impressive Kickstarter effort by 500 loyal fans to raise $13,500 for a test pressing of Caustic Window, the group uploaded a digital version of these early tracks, which you should absolutely check out below via Revolt. They sound more comparable to Selected Ambient Works 85-92 than some of his later caustic IDM, but you can definitely sense the transition in the way he approaches percussion, which has always been the most interesting aspect of his sound.

Does Aphex Twin totally creep you out or make you want to do some serious desk-tapping? Let us know in the comments below and sound of on twitter at Nerdist Music.


  1. Aj says:

    Got in on the kickstarter for a FLAC copy; totally worth it! Definitely some of Richard’s better non-ambient work.

  2. M_Fez says:

    Hate to be “that guy” but a ferret armored car is hardly a tank.

    Cool for sure.  But not even remotely tank.