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Listen To Anamanaguchi’s Ecstatic New Single ‘Pop It’

Listen To Anamanaguchi’s Ecstatic New Single ‘Pop It’

Anamanaguchi, the peppy New York outfit whom you may recognize from our very own Nerdist podcast intro theme, have just released “Pop It,” a blissful, wide-eyes single that is the aural equivalent of a completely cloudless day or the shiny green palm trees from Donkey Kong Country. My favorite part of the song is when the vocalist cutely squeaks out a rude line and then quickly resumes normal etiquette: “Don’t stop it / Bitch you in my way / Thank you so much / Oh wow, okay!”

If you are in the Los Angeles area, be sure to head to the El Rey Theater tonight to catch Anamanaguchi, HEARTSREVOLUTION, and our pal Meishi Smile of ZOOM LENSE. This is sure to be one of the highest energy shows of early summer 2014.


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