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Listen!: Chris Hardwick’s On “Comedy Bang Bang”

Our Supreme Commander Chris Hardwick is on Comedy Bang Bang this week, dropping by the Earwolf studio to regale Scott Aukerman with news about Chris’ Saturday night comedy special Mandroid (11/10c, Comedy Central), “dookie cookie,” and much more. How can you resist? YOU CANNOT.

So, don’t. Go here to download it. Or go here to get it through iTunes. Whatever works for you.


  1. Chet says:

    Another abomination. I guess this is what we can expect here in President Barack Hussain Obamacare’s America.

  2. ablestmage says:

    You can just “save as” the “go here” link, instead of going there. It’s a direct link to the mp3, not a page where you can go to download the mp3 =P