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Lionsgate and RocketJump Are Teaming Up

Lionsgate and RocketJump Are Teaming Up

Lionsgate and our friends and neighbors at RocketJump Studios have announced a deal allowing “Lionsgate to access RocketJump’s upcoming slate of digital content.” Basically, this means that Lionsgate now has the rights to develop long-form content based on content coming to

The site’s big hit is the aforementioned Video Game High School, the brainchild of RocketJump founders Freddie Wong, Brian Firenzi, Will Campos, and Matthew Arnold. The series, now in its third season, follows its teenaged leads in a near future high school where they cultivate their gaming skills in order to become esports champions. According to our contact familiar with the details of the agreement, VGHS was not included as part of the agreement, and the series will continue to remain a partnership between RocketJump and Collective Digital Studio.

Still, RocketJump is also home to a collection of great shorts which might potentially be developed into features or longer-form programming (digital and TV series), plus the “interactive comedy show” Movie Night. At the very least, the deal gives RocketJump the opportunity to reach a wider audience.

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  1. xero says:

    sooo if not VGHS the movie then… Cardboard Light or Flower warfare? would be my guess