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Link Smash in New HYRULE WARRIORS Trailer

Link Smash in New HYRULE WARRIORS Trailer

So Link can nab Power Gloves in Hyrule Warriors.

The new gameplay trailer from the Dynasty Warriors-style beat-em-up shows off Link’s new multi-function weapon allowing him to punch and smash his way through the game’s enemies. The first mode lets Link put up his dukes and lift, punch, and throw enemies and objects throughout Hyrule, while the secondary function allows him to let loose with some of that Go Go Yubari action (minus the decapitations).

He has a pretty interesting special attack at about the halfway point that allows him to turn the screen upside down before dumping the enemies onto the ground again.

And Nintendo released a second trailer this morning featuring Zelda and her baton. The weapon like look a little more delicate than Link’s Gloves, but they seem to offer a comparable level of smashy-smash. Whereas the Power Gloves seem focused on brute force and keeping the enemy down, the Baton seems made to keep enemies off balance (and off their feet, in the air) with some attacks thrown in to get some distance between Zelda and her enemies.

So far, it’s looking like Hyrule Warriors might sidestep some of the less-than-great cash-in aspects of the Dynasty Warriors franchise. From the variety of weapons to simply how pretty the game looks, it seems like Tecmo Koei and Team Ninja have stepped it up a bit for Nintendo. Our own Brian Walton got some hands-on time with the game during E3 and he was impressed.

Hyrule Warriors will be on the Wii U September 26.