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Let’s Punch Jonah Again with “The Indoor Kids”

This week on the Nerdist Channel’s The Indoor Kids, it’s part 2 of Kumail and Emily’s session with the Nerdist Podcast’s Jonah Ray. They’re still playing Punch-Out. Punching Jonah, even virtually, never gets tired, does it? Unless you’re Jonah, that is.

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  1. carlos says:

    so funny – loved the show.

  2. erratic gorilla says:

    *typo shame*

    That should be: “of all time!”

    And that’s a close race by the way: Jonah and Paul Scheer both had 3DO and Atari Lynx!


  3. erratic gorilla says:

    This is genuinely better Nintendo promotion than E3 was! If Nintendo’s press people don’t hire Kumail, Emily, and Jonah to do WiiU commercials, then they’re crazy!

    Indoor Kids could host a Wrong Horse Showdown with Jonah Ray and Paul Scheer; playing the best unloved games in history and figuring out who made the absolute worst system choice off all time!

  4. onReload says:

    Yeah, well, almost every system has its gems. ..almost.

  5. Ben Z says:

    I got a 32X for like $15 plus a few games. Worth it, but I’m glad I didn’t buy it brand new.