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Let’s Play The DESTINY Beta With Bungie’s Eric Osborne

Let’s Play The DESTINY Beta With Bungie’s Eric Osborne

All of the neck scratching, chronic shivering, and hallucinations caused by the absence of Bungie’s next blockbuster shooter Destiny in our lives is about to end right now, folks. The day of Destiny has arrived, and we’re kicking off the exciting beta festivities with a commencement Let’s Play on Twitch.

We’ll be joined today by Bungie’s Eric Osborne (more widely known as Urk), who will be initiating Associate editor Dan Casey and myself in our quest to become steadfast guardians of the earth. Have to wait until you get off work before you can get your hands on the beta? Not a PlayStation owner and waiting for the Xbox nation to get its shot at the game next week? Come see what all the hype is about with us today at 12pm PST.

Well as you can see, our supply of beta codes have been rapidly depleted. How fast was that?

Once you have received your code from us, follow the instructions provided on Bungie’s code redemption page and you’ll be all set to go when the beta launches tomorrow. Keep in mind that one redemption will give you access to three codes (per console), so you’ll be able to share with your friends as well. Let the social media ‘verse know where you got this code using the hashtag #DatBetaTho.

Be sure to stay tuned here on Nerdist, as we have a slew of Destiny-related activities on the horizon (game nights, streams, etc.). Happy exploring and looting to everyone! To discuss anything Destiny-related, I’m only one tweet away @Malik4play.