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Let It Go: This FROZEN PS4 is Only Available in Japan

Let It Go: This FROZEN PS4 is Only Available in Japan

While the rest of us are silently salivating at our desks over the upcoming PS4 Destiny bundle that comes with a snow white variant of the console, Japan is getting a limited edition Frozen PS4 from Sony, emblazoned with a black-and-gold design of sisters Anna and Elsa.


Shockingly, the limited edition console isn’t white, but perhaps the designers thought that would be a bit on the nose. Available on July 16th for 42,980 yen (roughly $424), the Frozen PS4 is guaranteed to have non-Japanese Disney fans shivering with jealousy. The PS4 has been struggling in Japan compared to North America and Europe, where the console has found tremendous success, so this could be a way to boost sales in its homeland. That being said, the limited availability makes sense given Japan’s penchant for collector’s edition consoles and the fact that Frozen topped the country’s box office charts for 16 weeks until another Disney film, Maleficent, finally dethroned it.

At least we’ll always have Adele Dazeem.

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  1. Montel Allen says:

    I like Adele Dezeem is a tag and not Idina Menzel.