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LEGO Wall-E Built by the Film’s Lead Animator

LEGO Wall-E Built by the Film’s Lead Animator

LEGO builder Angus MacLane keeps busy. He works as an animator for Pixar and seems to have multiple LEGO projects in progress at any given time. MacLane came up with the amusing LEGO Superhero Couch Potato series we featured in June, and he’s recently received support on LEGO Ideas for a model of Wall-E from the film of the same name. MacLane worked as lead animator on the movie and spent three years developing the brick form of the sweet robot.

MacLane told The Brothers Brick he started on Wall-E about the same time as the computer model of the character was being built. Since the color scheme for the film wasn’t finalized, MacClane constructed the first version of Wall-E with light gray bricks. He’s made upgrades over the years including using screen accurate colors and adding better tread. MacLane doesn’t list the piece number or height of the finished project, but it looks close to life-sized. I think it would be a fun set to build, especially if you could figure out how motorize the tread.


An early prototype, photo via Flickr

Now that the project has 10,000 votes, it moves onto the review stage. A LEGO Review Board with designers and product managers will look at the idea and build concept models. The whole process can take several months, but there is a possibility that LEGO Wall-E could end up on store shelves. See Wall-E from all angles in the below photo gallery.

HT: The Brothers Brick


  1. Alex J says:

    That’s awesome

  2. GuanoLad says:

    That is not even close to life sized. How big do you think Wall-E is? In real life he’s about 1m tall, or 3.5ft. The Lego version is around 120mm or 5in.

  3. Joe says:

    Nice to see some people are still able to innovate with Legos and not just blindly follow the instructions.

  4. xero says:

    i heard Lego is considering making this a kit

  5. Who says legos aren’t huggable?