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LEGO Series Turns Heroes Into Couch Potatoes

LEGO Series Turns Heroes Into Couch Potatoes

The weekend is here, and it’s time to kick back and disappear into your couch cushions. Everyone deserves a break, and yes, that applies to heroes and villains. LEGO builder Angus MacLane captured various characters chilling on brick couches with a snack or beverage after a long day on the job. Saving and/or destroying the world is taxing work, but even superhumans are couch potatoes just like you and me.

MacLane’s vignettes feature characters from comics and beyond. Batman with a box of pizza cracks me up, but Iron Man with a glass of booze is my favorite because it’s all too accurate. I feel like we saw that exact scene in one of the Iron Man films. Optimus Prime takes up almost the whole couch, Kane relaxes while a chestburster pays a visit, and Destro looks like he’s contemplating the meaning of life – he appears to be a little blue. I’m impressed MacLane conveyed that with bricks. Anyway, the collection of couch potato designs are simple but completely perfect:

It’s not a huge surprise that MacLane is behind this series since he also came up with the CubeDude LEGO models in 2010. The blocky interpretations of characters are bigger than the standard LEGO minifig and possibly cuter. Just look at this Thor Frog:


Who else wants to spend the weekend building LEGO couches and heroes? I’d like to set Captain America up with some fondue and sit Deadpool down beside a pile of tacos. Which heroes would you build? Jump to the comments and let me know.

HT: The Brothers Brick


  1. 23microbe says:

    I would bud Superman, reading a newspaper.;)

  2. Tometheus says:

    You forgot to mention who Angus MacLane is, for those who don’t know.  Check out his <a href=””>IMDB page</a>

  3. CXRengel says:

    When I saw the cover photo, I thought it was Soundwave.

  4. willb473 says:

    I give the artist bonus points for the Optimus couch. truly more than meets the eye.