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LEGO Printer

This is the most brilliant thing ever. Honestly, everything else just looks stupid compared to this. Birds, Fibonacci numbers, artificial hearts–STUPID now, thanks to this ingenious LEGO felt-tip printer.

via LikeCool

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  1. AHHH! this is brilliant and hilarious! annd BCDarr i happen to be the Tech Manager of an office supply store (let’s just say we (try) to take care of your business)…

    anyway that 45.00 dollar marker joke is soo spot on its depressing haha… (golf clap)

  2. Patti says:

    Wow! That was so cool!! My day was already pretty smiley because it’s my son Derek’s 28th birthday, but this sent the smile-meter into overdrive! Thank you, Chris!!

  3. Gneekman says:

    Not to diminish the epicness of the LEGO printer, but a lot of the mini-figs hanging out there have their hands turned in weird ways. I can’t not notice it! It’s one of my pet peeves! Flat side up, unless they’re holding something or posing!

  4. Chris Hardwick says:

    BCDarr: HA!!!! Now THAT is a terrific nerd joke!

  5. Brandon Ramlet says:

    That my friend is F-ing epic. I’m imagining this is what’s inside a dot matrix printer. A little tiny world of Lego people working their asses of dot-by-dot.

  6. mielconejo says:

    offcourse! life happens whe powered by wiring!

    all you need is ideas… not even good or clever ones… you can just pretend you can make everything work with legos, and wiring will make it possible!

    clever indeed!

  7. BCDarr says:

    Oh great. Now the price of felt tip pens is going to go up to 45.00!

  8. Rose Wade says:

    A working printer built using LEGO bricks. Clever, and cool.

    Rose Wade
    The Robin Hood Lego Campaign