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I took this l’il guy’s pic at a LEGO store using Hipstamatic for iPhone, and subsequently was driven to throw it into the pile of one of the Internet’s most classic memes.

Btw, if you’re in Philly this weekend come see me perform nerd-themed jokes at Helium Comedy.


  1. allan says:

    man, y did you bring back an old joke. i thought you made jokes up.

  2. Kyle Anderson says:

    “Concentrate all fire on that iPhone 4!”

  3. Nathan says:

    For some reason I thought this was going to be religion related

  4. coem laogelier says:

    Even tracked down the ‘oh! is that your intellectual property?” LEGO font.

    “Our keyring can’t repel iPhones of that magnitude”

  5. SEE?!? Do you now see why James Cameron kicked your ass on gadget pron? Starting to make any sense at all?

  6. jonrojas says:

    haha, epic.