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Leave Westeros Behind in Tantalizing GAME OF THRONES VFX Reel

Leave Westeros Behind in Tantalizing GAME OF THRONES VFX Reel

Dun dun dun-na-nuh dun na-nuh-nuh dun-na-nuh! Hear ye, hear ye, fans of HBO’s Game of Thrones, and/or very cool video effects reels because have we got a post for you. We’ve already shown you one company’s worth of VFX, mostly doing the work in the Seven Kingdoms. This time it’s Rodeo FX’s turn to show off their impressive work in the rest of the world: mainly North of the Wall and in Meereen and the other Slave Cities. Are you surprised that it took more than one place to make all these special effects come to life? You shouldn’t be. And this video proves that.

Seriously, the amount of work that goes into the series is impressive on all fronts — from writing, to directing, to acting, to costuming, to set building, and everything in between — but it is perhaps this video that proves just how much the show’s grand scale lives and dies on the expertise of these VFX houses. And after all, being able to fully realize the grand fantastical element the George R.R. Martin work does so well is a big part of what brings so many book readers to the show — and something that keeps just as many non-readers firmly in place.

And what makes this video extra special are the myriad shots of Meereen and Slaver’s Bay that we didn’t see — or at least didn’t fully appreciate in the moment — on screen. The breadth of detail in this is, honestly, nothing short of amazingly badass.

So — what new cities are you excited to see brought to life like this in season five? Let’s hear your thoughts in the comments.