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Learn The Ways Of SUNSET OVERDRIVE In Sunset TV

Learn The Ways Of SUNSET OVERDRIVE In Sunset TV

Looking forward to the upcoming Xbox One exclusive title Sunset Overdive? Then you may want to keep your eyes locked on Sunset TV, Insomniac’s weekly show keeping players up to speed on the game’s ins and outs.

The show’s hosted by Insomniac’s Community Manager Brandon Winfrey, who you may remember from this hilarious Pokémon short back when TwitchPlaysPokémon first started making its waves on the web. The video features some great insight on the seamless character movement within the Sunset Overdrive world, as well as a couple of responses to fan messages.

I’m not sure if it was intentional and it very well may just be me, but this game bares a striking resemblance to Jet Set Radio. Definitely not a bad title to share a comparison with if you’re Insomniac.