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Learn How to Speak Conversational Dothraki

Learn How to Speak Conversational Dothraki

Once you get out of the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros and across the narrow sea, different languages start to come into the picture. The fictional world feels richer and more realistic because of the presence of such tongues as Dothraki and High Valyrian. David J. Peterson crafted the Dothraki words for Game of Thrones, and he’s working with Living Language to create books, audio tools, and even an app so you can learn to speak like a Khaleesi in the comfort of your living room.

This is the real deal, not like the Muzzy parody we featured a few months ago. Living Language is a company that offers legit programs to teach a host of non-fictional languages. As far as I can tell, Dothraki is the first time they’re dipping into the fictional realm. They’re taking it seriously by offering different access points at varying price levels.

For only $4, you can download a Dothraki Companion App. They call this the Dothraki learning experience on the go (oh, so many jokes can be made); it’s more of a practice tool to go with the book or online course. Just the app comes packed with a pronunciation guide, conversational dialogue, and interactive games. For $20, you’ll get a Dothraki book and CD package with written exercise questions, culture notes, vocabulary words, and grammar examples.

If you want to lead a khalasar though, you can spend $30 and go through the online course. It has five progressive lessons, hundreds of phrases, and an extensive pronunciation guide. You can pre-order it and the book and CD package at Living Language. Go ahead and download a sample page from a lesson while you’re there.

Are you interested in learning this language from Game of Thrones? Jump to the comments and let us know. (I wanted to say that last part in Dothraki, but I haven’t taken the course yet so…)

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  1. Osamah H. Qashou says:

    I would actually like to learn this.

  2. JeffFromOhio says:

    When Daenerys Targaryen speaks it, it’s hot. 
    When a fat guy in a Punisher shirt with Cheetos dust on his fingers does it, not so much.

  3. Noah Best says:

    I’d rather learn to speak Valyrian

  4. Melissa Thornton says:

    Sek, k’athjalari!

  5. Jediguardian says:

    Those dothraki… they remind me the klingons, a lot.

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