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Learn Everything You Need To Know About Fox’s GOTHAM With Four New Featurettes

Learn Everything You Need To Know About Fox’s GOTHAM With Four New Featurettes

While we may be patiently waiting for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice to hit theaters in March 2016, it doesn’t mean we aren’t going to be getting our live action DC fix in the mean time. Thanks to the magic of television, four DC based series will be on screen this season: The Flash, Arrow, Constantine and, perhaps the most notable of the bunch, Gotham. A villain-based origin story at its core, the folks behind Gotham have made many promises all summer long that the series is not going to be just another retread of the Batman origin, but perhaps now we’ve just gotten our first concrete evidence of that in the form of four brand new featurettes that Fox has released for the series:

There’s a lot of interesting facts we learn here – facts like the knowledge that the creators are making a real effort to spawn a version of Gotham that’s somewhat timeless, which is great from a story perspective because it will allow the show to exist in its own little reality where people have modern computers while driving 70’s-era vehicles. In addition, the stuff in the featurettes about the series’ willingness to play with the characters we know, like Penguin, while also building a world of its own through characters like Fish Mooney, shows it’s something that will truly set the series apart from other live-action Batman fair we’ve seen in the past.

Gotham has a lot of potential to tell one of the best character tales of the upcoming season, and all we can do know is wait to find out if it succeeds.

Gotham premieres September 22nd on Fox.

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  1. Vitae says:

    Is it just me or is anyone else weirded out that James is doing a woman named Barbara considering his daughter’s name will be Barbara?…..And that Catwoman is at least 10 years older than Bruce. By the time he becomes Batman, she’ll be a MILF! LOL