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Latest SUNSET OVERDRIVE Video Explains Its 8-player Co-op

Latest SUNSET OVERDRIVE Video Explains Its 8-player Co-op

It was great that Insomniac set up stations featuring a slice of the Sunset Overdrive campaign during E3. But they were also really pushing the game’s multiplayer during the show, making it very clear that the Ratchet and Clank developer didn’t expect you to put their latest game down anytime soon.

In their latest Sunset TV video, we get a better look at the cooperative Chaos Mode featured in the game. Apparently, what we saw at E3 was just the game’s Night Defense segment of the game’s co-op, but the real meat of the multiplayer will be an 8-player tour of Sunset Overdrive‘s open world.

According to Insomniac’s Community Manager Brandon Winfry, players will jump into the open world of Sunset City, choosing missions and then blowing things up (together). “Patrol” would see the team eliminating all of the infected (er, OD’s) in a given area while “Urban Jungle Gym” asks the players to make their way to traverse to a point in the city while dealing with enemies. “These decisions affect the reward and the difficulty of the end Night Defense,” Winfry explains.

Another mission type has one player rebooting a radio tower while the rest of the team fends off waves of enemies, while another still involves chasing a Fizzco blimp around the city, attempting to get bombs on it before the danged thing escapes.

“The goal was the create a lot of missions that felt unique,” Winfry continues. “We want people to play this for a long time to come, so in that respect, gameplay variety is key.”

So what do you think: if you’re already intrigued enough about Sunset Overdrive to pick it up, do you think Chaos Mode is the kind of thing that will keep you playing?