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Late Night Music Roundup: Spoon, Wu-Tang, St. Vincent And More

Late Night Music Roundup: Spoon, Wu-Tang, St. Vincent And More

Ever feel like there is so much music floating around in the ether that you’re never really sure which of your favorite artists did what during the work week while you were eating burritos/sleeping/teaching your children valuable life lessons about eating burritos? In an effort to combat the burrito-fueled entropy that is life, we are going to round up the most notable late night music performances every week so you can avoid FOMO and catch up with musical goings-on in one convenient blog post. Huzzah! This week was particularly strong as we saw live performances from some of our all time favorite bands, including Spoon, Disclosure, and the entire Wu-Tang Clan. Check it, dudes!

1. Spoon- “Do You” on The Tonight Show

We cannot overstate how ecstatic we are that Spoon are finally back and touring on an their excellent new album, They Want My Soul. On Monday, Britt Daniel and the gang performed “Do You” on The Tonight Show and reminded us how much we need them in our daily indie rock diet. Spoon also stopped by the podcast this week to chat with Chris and the gang, and even played a couple of tracks off the new album.

2. Disclosure and Sam Smith – “Latch” on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Disclosure released one of our favorite albums last year and Sam Smith was featured on its lead single, which the trio totally nailed on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Not sure how much that beard is helping Sam Smith’s baby face, but his voice remains, thankfully, as smooth as said baby’s bottom.

3. The Wu-Tang Clan – “Ron O’Neal” on The Daily Show 

It is no small feat that Jon Stewart was able to corral all 9 living members of arguably the most seminal and beloved Hip-Hop group that ever was. Especially given the fractious relationship between Raekwon and RZA in the lead up to their new album, A Better Tomorrow. But all showed up (even Ghost Face who was late) and were in good spirits as they performed their new single, “Ron O’Neal”, named after the star of 1972’s Super Fly.

4. Young Thug and T.I. – “About The Money” on The Tonight Show

Young Thug is a divisive newcomer to popular hip hop because of his pterodactyl squawk and insane sense of fashion, which deemed stuffing a pink towel into the back pocket of uber-skinny jeans “the right move” for his television debut ( I am total fan btw). His vocal style is so remarkably unlike any other rapper right now (though Future, for geographic and glottal reasons is an obvious predecessor) so it was very cool to see how confident this madcap rapper was on his high-stakes Tonight Show debut. In short, he killed it and looked so amazingly bizarre for someone who operates in the idiom of hip-hop.

5. St. Vincent will fill in for Fred Armisen two nights next week on Late Night with Seth Meyers

This isn’t a performance per se, but we would be remiss if we didn’t at least mention how stoked we all are to see our friend Annie Clark taking the reigns of Seth Meyers 8G band for a couple of nights next week (August 11-12). We are very confident in her late night talk show chops after her appearances on @Midnight and the Nerdist Podcast. We bow down to thee, Queen Clark. For kicks, check out her mid-july performance on the Late Show below.