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Late Night Music Roundup: Chris Hardwick, Ty Segall, and More!

Late Night Music Roundup: Chris Hardwick, Ty Segall, and More!

Happy Friday ya’ll! It’s about that time of the week where we hook you up with all of the major tunage and live performances that you may have missed on late night television throughout the work week while you were busy getting that bread/making it rain/cleaning up all that soggy bread from your floor. This week we have a very special performance by Nerd Overlord Chris Hardwick, as well as garage rocker Ty Segall, and alt-country heavyweight, Ryan Adams.

1. Chris Hardwick and Jimmy Fallon duet “We’ve Got Tonight”

Ever been on a date and hit that awkward patch of silence when neither of you have anything to say? Don’t be ashamed; we’ve all been there. Here is a Nerdist pro-tip courtesy of our very own Chris Hardwick and Tonight Show host extraordinaire, Jimmy Fallon: just start singing Bob Seger’s “We’ve Got Tonight” and your date will whip out a microphone that he or she always keeps handy and then help you out by hitting all the falsetto parts. I’ve done it before. It works. I’m lying.

2. Ty Segall performs/shreds “Feel” on Conan

After an unusual hiatus from releasing material (this is a guy who put out three albums in one year, so even a year of relative quietude is noticeable), Ty Segall has returned to the fold with his remarkably explosive style of garage rock anthems that make you want to bang on a trash can. You can tell this performance rocked because Conan clearly wants to jam with Segall at some point in the near future. Perhaps throw Jack White in that jam sesh and you’ve got a supergroup for next summer’s festival circuit.

3. Ryan Adams Performs “Gimme Something Good” on the Tonight Show

The alt-rock veteran graced the The Tonight Show with his band The Shining for the band’s first-ever television performance. Generally that phrase elicits some goose bumps (or at least like, half-mast goosebumps), but Ryan Adams led the band with poise, aplomb, and a denim jacket with a lot of patches that he maybe found in some sort local thrift shop. In any case, Adams sounded as good as ever and we’re looking forward to the new album that hopefully comes with a deluxe vinyl-denim jacket combo edition.

4. St. Vincent Was the Bandleader for Seth Meyers’ 8G Band

Annie Clark a/k/a St. Vincent officially needs a permanent post on a late night show. This past week she filled in for buddy Fred Armisen while he got his Portlandia on, and to absolutely no one’s surprise, did a bang up job. The only awkward moment was when Meyers called her out for not inviting him to the show she played in Brooklyn the previous week. I bet that stings, but probably not as bad as the time Amy Poehler stole his credit card.