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Last Night On @midnight: Kerri Kenney-Silver, Nick Swardson, Marlon Wayans

Last Night On @midnight: Kerri Kenney-Silver, Nick Swardson, Marlon Wayans

LogoAtMidnightHey, look what’s back after a week off: @midnight with Chris Hardwick on Comedy Central! Last night’s triumphant return included Kerri Kenney-Silver Nick Swardson, and Marlon Wayanstalking about poop songs, bad tattoos, pot PSAs (well, it WAS 420. No, wait, it was 421. Like it really makes a difference) and more.

And we have clips:

#HashtagWars – #MustHaveBeenHigh

Tatscrewed – Going Into the Butt Hole Would Just Be Weird

You Gotta Be Trippin’ – She Was Driving with Her Vagina

Street-Pooping – Why Does The Poo Look Delicious?

Game Man – This is How Cave People Played Video Games

See the whole episode by clicking here.

Tonight, it’s Jessica St. Clair, Lennon Parham, and Rob Huebel at 12/11c on Comedy Central, right after what is still, right now, The Colbert Report. Follow the show’s Tumblr and, of course, make sure you’re following the Twitter account. If you want to see the show tape in person here in L.A., you can, for free; just click here for details. And you can watch full episodes of @midnight via the new Comedy Central App for iPhone and iPad: click here to get it.


  1. Alexandre says:

    Linda, please will be so happy and gratefull if i can get a ticket from you…. Havn’t gone to a show of this magnitude before. I be u neigbour o…. Reside at the street at d back of u peeps house at Mbanugo. Please….