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Last Night On @midnight: Arden Myrin, Bobby Lee, Timothy Simons

Last Night On @midnight: Arden Myrin, Bobby Lee, Timothy Simons

LogoAtMidnightDid you see Arden Myrin, Bobby Lee, and Timothy Simons on last night’s @midnight with Chris Hardwick on Comedy Central? With their jokes about bad first pitches, rednecked songs, and what not to say at a funeral? No? (Or even Yes? Or “I don’t remember, it was a weird night”?)

Then watch the clips:

Rapid Refresh – 50 Cent’s Bad First Pitch & Alabama’s Offensive Billboard

#HashtagWars – #RedneckASong

KinkedIn – A Camel Toe of Nuts

PowerPointless – An Angel in a Tutu & Jesus Christ Super Shopper

Grave Answers – Sounds Like a Real Tearjerker

See the whole episode by clicking here.

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