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Lasers On Yo Grill

You know the problem with lasers? They’re far too cool and exciting. For years science fiction has been showing us that lasers can do everything from shooting at aliens to shrinking our vaginae (that one came true). Finally, someone has made lasers boring. Effective, yes, but definitely a snore. That someone is dentists. Apparently, bacteria related to tooth decay scatters light differently than pristine, Mormon-like teeth and can therefore be identified in its early stage before it is allowed to grow, so in that sense it’s kind of like killing a baby. Think of it as being able to kill the young Hilter of your teeth before he creates the Molar Third Reich, if that helps you sleep better. To illustrate the point to redundancy, Frances Downey, a plucky PhD student working on developing the technique at
King’s College London, pointed out: “The earlier you spot decay the better as
you can remineralise the area so there is no cavitation and therefore
no need for a filling.” I suspect he then went on to say, “I’m so very, very lonely.”

Expect the Photon Teeth Police to be coming to a mouth near yours within five years.


Via [Science News Daily]


  1. that is weird and cool

  2. Cass says:

    I believe that among such boring professions, The suicide rate of those working in dentistry is higher than any other profession.

    I believe postal service in number 2